Seulemen Pour VIP


Seulement Pour VIP targets solely a specific category of people mainly the educated one who are considered as being the true foundation of Lebanon. Therefore its content is brief, interesting and selective.

Seulement Pour VIP carries in each issue different informative sections like health, Social, Life style, Psychology, Philosophy, diet, sport and jewelry articles.

Seulement Pour VIP main objective and purpose is to keep a cultural image of a civilized country as well as to present the reader an easy way to familiarize himself with new places and VIP addresses.


In a time where obstacles are made to be defeated, Seulement Pour VIP, the 5 stars compact magazine, has successfully launched its challenging first issue in December 2005.

Based on large studies of feedback Seulement Pour VIP launches two issues per year (December and May), and so far has met all its readers' expectations.

Providing and maintaining a highly qualified standard, Seulement Pour VIP proudly presents its 20th issue, challenging and proving once again that Lebanon capacity of rising up cannot be overwhelmed.

Seulement Pour VIP is not a casual magazine. It is distinguished by its selective content, its defined target, and most significantly its VIP distribution.